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How to make a "rose fragrance newspaper"

read the newspaper and smell the fragrance first. On April 1, as a commemorative work for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Wanjiang evening news, the first rose fragrance newspaper in the province was presented to the general public as promised and was highly praised by the readers. When you are reading this issue of newspaper, a refreshing fragrance of roses comes to your face, allowing you to enjoy the infinite fun of reading newspapers

once the first rose fragrance newspaper in the province was launched on April 1, many enthusiastic readers asked how the rose fragrance was added to the newspaper if the oil was not used properly? Will the smell of roses disappear after the newspaper is printed? The better the testing performance of high carbon steel

on March 31, just before the rose fragrance newspaper was printed, the newspaper rushed to the printing plant and took advantage of the modulation gap of rose fragrance ink to interview yangsongru, a perfumer from a company in Luoyang, to explore the secret of printing rose fragrance newspaper

spices extracted from roses on the morning of March 31, yangsongru came to the printing house with an inconspicuous white plastic bucket. She told the author that there was a high concentration of rose fragrance stock solution, about 20 kg. Her task this time is to integrate these rose scented liquid into the ink for printing newspapers. This is the most critical step in making rose scented newspapers, and it is also a patented technology of her company

yangsongru said that in the past, some media also launched flower fragrance newspapers, but the operation was relatively simple, just spraying perfume on the newspapers. The 20th anniversary special issue of Wanjiang evening news has a relatively high technical content. It is necessary to use inhibitors and plasticizers to mix the flower fragrance stock solution into the ink in proportion, so that the ink can not affect the printing quality of the newspaper, but also make the ink contain flower fragrance. The proportion of the stock solution is very important, and this proportion is not invariable. It should be flexibly controlled according to the temperature and the viscosity of the ink, and we will maximize the fragrance of the ink

Yang songru's technical work seems simple, but it is difficult to operate. The mixing process keeps stirring. You can only observe it with your eyes and smell it with your nose. Of course, it is difficult for an experienced smeller

how did the high concentration flower fragrance original solution come from? The original liquid is the essence extracted from fresh roses. Yangsongru told me that roses are very delicate. Only fresh roses can be used to extract the original flower fragrance. They have a special cold storage for fresh roses

only about 400 Jin of roses can extract 10ml of the original solution. Yangsongru said that they had been producing this 20 kg stock solution for half a month. Because the original liquid is completely extracted from plants, it is non-toxic, harmless and even edible. Yangsongru said with a smile: it just tastes a little worse

flower fragrance can be kept for one to four months

if exposed to the air, the original fragrance can be stored for one month. If sealed, the rose fragrance can be kept for threeorfour months. How long can this fragrance be stored in the hands of readers? Many readers are very concerned about this issue. Yangsongru said with a smile that many readers are worried about the retention period of rose fragrance before they get the newspaper. In fact, the rose fragrance stock solution we use is extracted after repeated experiments in the laboratory. It is soluble in oil and ink, and will not affect the stability of the ink. It can keep the fragrance in the newspaper for a long time

at about 9:00 a.m. on March 31, at the fragrant ink preparation site, the printing workers first poured the ink into a barrel. Yangsongru took out the rose fragrance stock solution, inhibitor and plasticizer and poured them into the barrel according to a certain proportion. Then the workers picked up the self-made mixing tool to fully mix the ink until the mixture was uniform. During the mixing process, yangsongru also gathered in front of the barrel from time to time to smell the taste, and added an appropriate amount of stock solution until the appropriate ink was produced

yangsongru said that the flower fragrance original liquid extracted from fresh roses has a high concentration. In the process of blending into the ink, it must be released for a period of time, and the flower fragrance ink can be blended with the help of the sharp senses of the perfumer. However, it is difficult to produce a strong or weak fragrance without years of experience and professional skills. In order to make the rose fragrance naturally extend into the ink, we added inhibitors in the blending process to suppress the fragrance, so that the natural rose fragrance can be slowly released from the newspaper, and the flower fragrance will last longer. Therefore, the concentration of the stock solution added to the ink cannot deviate a little

the last barrel of ink was prepared at 2:00 p.m. on March 31. According to the standard fermentation time of 4 hours, the sealed ink barrel can be disassembled at 6:00 p.m. Yangsongru said that the ink and stock solution need a certain mixing and fermentation process, and must be sealed and stored until it reaches a certain sealing time before it can be opened

read the newspaper and smell the fragrance first

at about 5:45 p.m. on March 31, the author came to the printing workshop again. As soon as he entered the workshop door, a faint smell of Rose came to his nose. Although the prepared fragrant ink is still kept in a sealed state, the whole workshop is full of rose fragrance. A master who has worked in the factory for many years said with a smile: I usually smell the smell of ink. Today, I smell rose fragrance in the workshop for the first time

according to the original plan, at about 18:00, the printing workers opened the sealed ink barrel and finished the inking process in an orderly manner. This time, we shared more than ten kilograms of rose fragrance stock solution and prepared 29 barrels of fragrant ink. Yangsongru said

after some equipment debugging and inking, at about 7 p.m., the workers pressed the button to start printing, and fragrant newspapers poured out of the printing machine. Looking at the freshly baked fragrant newspaper, the on-site printers picked up the newspaper one after another and put it in front of their noses to smell it first

the newspaper was successfully printed. Its fragrance was elegant and refreshing, which completely exceeded our expectations. A stone in our heart, 29 carbon structural steel, fell to the ground. Yangsongru, who was waiting at the scene, couldn't wait to smell the fresh sample newspaper. I wanted to take it back to the company as a sample. She also told the author that now that the newspaper has just been printed, if it is stored for a period of time, it will be more fragrant when it is delivered to the readers the next day

Xiao Feng, a printer, told the author that the workshop usually smells of ink, but today the workshop smells of roses, which makes people feel comfortable. Looking at the rose fragrance newspaper, Xiao Feng said that he has the habit of reading Wanjiang evening news every day. After work, he will bring a newspaper home to have a look. Today, when he comes home, he should read the rose fragrance newspaper very carefully

as the work of the 20th anniversary of the founding of this newspaper, this newspaper has 4 stacks of 96 pages, setting a record for the largest number of pages since the founding of this newspaper

in the past 20 years, thanks to the support and care of readers, we have been able to continuously introduce and improve the displacement calibration method of electronic tensile testing machine. Therefore, the theme of this edition of rose fragrance is you and me. With your participation, our birthday will be more wonderful

please open this newspaper, follow our steps and review the glorious course of the past 20 years

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