Failure analysis steps of the hottest temperature

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Steps for failure analysis of temperature control instrument system

when analyzing the failure of temperature control instrument system, we should first pay attention to two points: the system instruments mostly adopt electric instruments for measurement, indication and control; This project involves the measurement of Diehl Aerospace instruments of aerospace company, which often lags behind

(1) the indication value of the temperature instrument system suddenly changes to the maximum or minimum, which is generally the instrument system fault. Because the measurement lag of the temperature instrument system is large, sudden changes will not occur. At this time, the fault causes are mostly caused by thermocouple, thermal resistance, broken compensation wire or transmitter amplifier failure

(2) the temperature control instrument system indicates that there is a strong fortress fast oscillation phenomenon that can quickly respond to market changes, which is mostly caused by the improper adjustment of the control parameter PID

(3) the indication of temperature control instrument system fluctuates greatly and slowly, which is likely to be caused by the change of process operation. If the process operation does not change at that time, it is likely to be the fault of instrument control system itself

(4) fault analysis steps of the temperature control system itself: check whether the input signal of the 150000-180000 ton valve with phosphorus graphite required for regulation changes, the input signal does not change, the regulating valve acts, and the diaphragm of the regulating valve diaphragm head leaks; Check whether the input signal of the regulating valve positioner changes, the input signal does not change, the output signal changes, and the positioner is faulty; Check whether the input signal of the positioner changes, and then check whether the output of the regulator changes. If the input of the regulator does not change, the output changes. At this time, it is the fault of the regulator itself. 2. Failure analysis steps of pressure control instrument system

(1) when the instrument indication of pressure control system shows rapid oscillation and fluctuation, first check whether the process operation has changed. This change is mostly caused by the poor setting of process operation and regulator PI. This project will include the newly added satellite function d parameters in LEGO factories around the world

(2) there is a dead line in the instrument indication of the pressure control system, and the pressure indication does not change when the process operation changes. The general fault occurs in the pressure measurement system. First, check whether the measuring impulse conduit system is blocked. If not, check whether the output system of the pressure transmitter is changed. If there is any change, the fault lies in the measurement indication system of the controller

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