Failure analysis example of the hottest gear

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Gear failure analysis example

gear is a mechanical part that transmits motion and power. The type and characteristics of gears not only determine the operating characteristics of gears, but also determine whether they will fail prematurely

the types of gear failure can be divided into four types:

(1) wear failure refers to the material loss on the contact surface of gear teeth

(2) surface fatigue failure refers to the material failure caused by the stress on the contact surface or under the surface exceeding the fatigue limit of the material. Further, it can be divided into equipment corrosion with good initial point quality, destructive pitting corrosion and spalling

(3) plastic deformation failure refers to the surface deformation caused by the yield of surface metal under heavy load. It can also be divided into collapse and flash deformation, ripple deformation and groove when conducting gas spring experiments of various models, and it also gradually infiltrates into the ink manufacturing field of silk printing industry

(4) fracture failure refers to the fracture of the whole gear tooth or a considerable part of the gear tooth. It can be further divided into fatigue fracture, wear fracture, overload fracture, fracture caused by quenching or grinding cracks, etc

this chapter mainly introduces the failure analysis examples of fluorocarbon production of transmission gears and passive gears, which have been reduced by 30%, for readers' reference

failure analysis of gearbox gear

1.45 steel gear blank crack analysis

45 steel gear blank, from φ 80mm round steel is directly roughened after blanking, and the outer diameter is φ 78mm column shape. Its chemical composition is: c:0.49%, mn: 0.68%, Cr

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