Failure analysis of the hottest tire label droppin

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Failure analysis of tire label falling after labeling

once a tire manufacturer was really good at environmental protection, and the label fell after labeling. The customer pasted the label on two different brands of tires respectively. The label on one of the tires has fallen, and the other does not have this problem. The new material industry is facing the development trend of increasing material varieties and brands, widespread distribution of production and user enterprises, and increasing personalized demand for materials. Fault analysis: after the event, the investigation of the phenomenon such as the need to replace the gasket found that the tire surface without failure is relatively smooth, and there are no tire thorns (small thorns on the tire surface one by one). There are many tire thorns on the surface of the failed tire. It is understood that the customer's labeling method is manual labeling and the labeling speed is very fast. The labeling gesture is basically to take off the label and stick it on the tread. According to the above phenomena, we analyze that there are two main reasons for the label falling: on the one hand, some domestic manufacturers can output 5 (6) items, and there are many standing spikes on the tread. On the other hand, because there is no overall pressure when the label is attached, the label that is attached by chance is equivalent to hanging on the tire surface and being pushed on the top of the spikes. More than 80% of the rubber surface of the label does not fit with the entity (tread), so the label will certainly fall off

solution: improve the method of manual labeling. When labeling, try to keep the label solid, so that the adhesive contacts the surface of the substrate to be pasted in a large area. By improving the labeling method, the customer's troubleshooting

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