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Why did treatlife, a Chinese start-up, break through the top three in the United States in half a year? Original title: Why did treatlife, a Chinese start-up, break through the top three in the United States in half a year? Source: network

in recent years, the field of intelligent lighting has been very lively, and enterprises inside and outside the industry have joined this field one after another to get a share in the intelligent lighting market. Among many enterprises, a brand called treatlife directly crossed many competitors and won the third market share of Amazon in the United States within half a year

is emerging in the US market, but treatlife is a real domestic brand. Treatlife is a subsidiary brand of Shenzhen ruimeide Technology Co., Ltd. and a start-up brand focusing on home intelligent lighting in the North American market

why does it stand out among many enterprises with strong technology and strength? Treatlife relies on professionalism and focus. In North America, users have always attached great importance to their living atmosphere. They are used to adjusting the atmosphere of living space according to holidays and mood, which provides congenital conditions for the entry of intelligent lighting. However, the current market situation of intelligent lighting is that the design of dimmer switch is old and the price is too high. In response to this problem, treatlife quickly identified the R & D objectives and market demand. After thousands of user feedback, thousands of bulb tests and dozens of technical iterations, it finally launched its first R & D product - dimmer switch

the advantage of this product is that the switch adopts touch control, which changes the cumbersome traditional button control. The appearance is simple and generous. It is perfectly compatible with more than 90% of the market's dimmable lights, and supports Alexa and Google assistant intelligent voice. Good user experience makes treatlife a hit in the intelligent lighting market, which is loved by the majority of consumers in the United States and a stepping stone for the brand to enter the North American market

on this basis, treatlife "seizes the victory and pursues the attack". According to market research and customer feedback, it has successively launched a series of products with high recognition, such as single control and dual control. Just like the brand recommendation "love the and the influence of coaxiality will produce zigzag stress in the sample way you live love your life", treatlife hopes to make the home atmosphere more warm and create an intelligent and comfortable life scene through intelligent devices

since its launch in july2019, treatlife has quickly gained a large number of loyal users with its cost-effective price and high recognition design. By the end of January, 2020, the product sales share of treatlife had risen to the third place in the whole, and the cumulative shipment volume was close to 700000 sets. It is estimated that the shipment volume will be more than 1.5 million in 2020. Thanks to high quality and high shipment volume, treatlife has been included in the list of top 10 intelligent lighting products by authoritative media together with industry veteran Lutron and wemo for many times. The influence of treatlife in the United States is spreading outward

treatlife's successful sailing is not accidental. In recent years, with the increasing application of Le in all construction fields and the development of interconnected intelligent technology, the intelligent lighting industry has grown rapidly. Not only the traditional enterprises in the industry are actively laying out, but also the domestic interconnected enterprises including Xiaomi have brought intelligent lighting into the scope of the enterprise ecological chain. Both traditional enterprises and new-type interconnected industries are involved in the wave of intelligent lighting

from the global market, the development of intelligent lighting industry is relatively stable, and the market scale is also expanding year by year. According to relevant data, the global intelligent lighting market was about 6billion US dollars in 2018, and the average annual compound growth rate from 2018 to 2024 will exceed 20%. From the perspective of regional distribution, China, Europe and the United States are still the most important markets. The intelligent lighting market has great potential and the industry is developing in full swing, but there is also the problem of low penetration, which is both a challenge and an opportunity

treatlife is unique among many brands, which is precisely the development situation of intelligent lighting market. Grasp the pain points of current users, make breakthroughs and improvements through technology, realize the integration of lighting and characters, and achieve a real immersive experience. In addition, treatlife has always paid attention to the investment in technology research and development. Most of the brand's R & D personnel come from well-known domestic enterprises. The R & D technology is excellent. The dimmer switch first launched was also developed on the basis of 2 years' 1. First deep cultivation of technology

the intelligent lighting bank allows testers to choose their own preferred report format (the built-in excel report function of the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single professional report) and the industry prospect is promising. As a rookie in the industry, treatlife is seizing its place in the intelligent lighting industry with its sensitive market sense and ultra-high technical strength

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