Top ten secrets to easily subdue Spyware

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The latest investigation report shows the inadequacy of anti spyware tools, and "spies" are still operating unscrupulously on the Internet. But don't be discouraged. Learn and follow the following ten tips. Spyware will be helpless to you

sometimes truth and goodness are always harmed. We have just made some progress in anti spam. However, spyware will fill this gap. In the next few years, you will have to spend precious time fighting against spyware at work and at home.

although there are dozens of new anti spyware tools on the market for us to use, and these programs are really helpful, running the anti spyware utility is only part of the solution. There are many other things you need to do. Please follow the 10 step guide provided by us to start

1. Know your enemy

if you naively define spyware as a small cookie left by a web site, your frustration will never end. All types of face changing software (scumware) will bring you misfortune. The main four types are:

spyware: a kind of software that can secretly collect information about your computer and may send data to some unknown stations, including "keyboard recording software" or "key capture parasites" (not to be confused with "malware"). Malware includes viruses Worms and Trojan horse programs)

adware: a software that can pop up advertisements and banners randomly or according to the current browser content

hijackers: it can change the browser home page, the default search index can be used for more than 100000 times, and even change your direction, Make you unable to reach the station you want to reach

cookies: a small file that can track the parameter selection and password of the web station. Software can collect and spread this information without users' knowledge. Among the four types above, advertising software is the most annoying, while hijacking software and spyware are the most harmful

2. Exit Internet explorer

we cannot accuse Microsoft of generating spyware. However, the design of windows, especially Internet Explorer, has certainly made Microsoft an "accomplice" of "spies". We encourage users to switch to other products, such as Firefox or opera, which block pop-up text by default. Firefox is free and popular. How much does opera cost?

do you need evidence to prove that there is a problem with Internet Explorer? On the author's main test PC running Windows XP Home, using Internet Explorer and outlook expr with a wider operating temperature range ess, 739 spyware were found. On my personal PC, I ran Firefox and the Thunderbird e-mail application of Mozilla company, and found 11 spyware examples. Moreover, these 11 spyware sneaked into this PC when the author had to use Internet Explorer to enter some web sites

unfortunately, some stations require internet explorer, and users who are closely associated with Microsoft's Outlook E-mail client must also use it. However, there are still ways to slow down the infection of Internet Explorer spyware. First, Microsoft ActiveX support is prohibited. In Internet Explorer, click Tools → Internet Options → security → custom level, and then click the check box that forces ActiveX control to request permission before running

secondly, install Google Toolbar, which can also block the pop-up text. It is suitable for Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher products, so you may also need to upgrade your browser. Similarly, you can also run pop-up text blocking software that only works in Internet Explorer, such as stopzilla, 123ghosts popup killer, ad killer, ad Muncher, and anti popup pro

3 Prevent downloading

carefully observe the following requirements: do not let novices try to download anything. Then, download and install the Google Toolbar for them. Users want to download "free" programs from the web. However, please ask them how to distinguish between the stations they visit to obtain utilities (such as or) and the stations that appear in pop-up ads and spam. Make up your mind. Don't be discouraged. It's not perfect to receive education. Spyware distributors usually do better than you in persuading people to download spyware. Therefore, it is necessary to explain clearly to users that those links that look like advertisements or friends sent to them next to browser pages are actually the most common way of spyware distribution. Remind your users to be sensitive to some dangerous signals, such as the pop-up banner advertising that you can provide free spyware inspection (this is the cruelest abuse of trust)

4 Teach basic knowledge of backup and recovery

since many users will not pay attention to your warnings, they should be taught how to recover from disasters. Today, people have so much on their computers that they are too lazy to make backup choices

an external disk, tape system or CD full of backup data can reduce the trouble caused by a system full of spyware, and return it to the situation where there was no spyware in the early days, so as to restore everything to normal. Teach users how to generate a recovery point in XP, and how to set a recovery point before each download from an unknown site. On most modern PCs, disk space is not a problem, and even if their hard drives are full, it is much easier to create some recovery points than to remove spyware infections

5. Making an antispyware CD

burning antispyware utilities onto your CD is also a good way to create your own set of spyware tools. When you need to remove spyware, it is a waste of time to find and wait for the download of tool software. CD-ROM disk is very cheap at present. Therefore, it is also an effective means to make more copies and send them to your users. As far as the author is concerned, there are three free utilities and three test versions of commercial utilities. These programs have a capacity of 2m to 10m bytes, so there is enough space for them on the standard CD

6. Run at least two spyware removal programs

according to our experience, no spyware removal program can remove every part of malicious code. All utilities have blind spots that spyware programmers can take advantage of. Every manufacturer claims that its products can capture everything, but whenever people use one anti spyware tool to clear 100 threats, another tool can find a dozen more

every spyware removal program checks the registry. However, since spyware follows Microsoft's registry entry rules, it is impossible to completely remove spyware. It is important to run several different utilities on a regular basis and make sure they are up to date. The paid cleanup program can provide more continuous file updates, and even free copies will regularly add some new functions. Run, update, run again, update again. To deal with spyware, we must constantly repeat the above steps. The author's general practice is: clear the system, restart to enter the safe mode, then use another tool to clear, and then restart

7. Blocking desktop communication vulnerabilities

every time spyware uploads information, it means more problems in the future, because spyware can update itself and add new "performance". Blocking outbound information can improve the security level of users. Some (but not all) resident antispyware utilities can block spyware uploads, and commercial products are better. However, installing a personal firewall can also block uploads. ZoneAlarm and Sygate personal firewall are great

almost all brand routers sold today include firewall protection. Look for products that can perform full state checks on inbound and outbound packets. The combination of personal firewall and router control is not overqualified, especially for users who can not resist the temptation of various new stations

8. Handling drm

one reason spyware will continue to exist in the next few years is that companies that show you the test methods of tensile testing machines are increasing the use of digital rights management (DRM) on entertainment files and license files. The vulnerabilities left for these applications will be exploited by spyware for several years. Tracking cookie files such as store repeat customers makes the web site more human. The problem is that these cookies look like Spyware, making it difficult to distinguish them without killing normal files

the same is true for new entertainment playback applications. You need to confirm that you have the right to play these files on the mobile device when you download MP3 music files, and the new antispyware may block DRM queries on the authorized database, because this is not in line with the definition of spyware that sends system information to a third party without permission? This definition is applicable to commercial application license documents and DRM application license documents, at least at the application interface level

one solution is to avoid DRM applications such as music players. If you like music, look for an anti spyware software that can regularly update its spyware database, because it can coordinate protection and music services

9. Give full play to aol6, adhere to periodic verification, and keep the experimental machine in good technical condition The verification cycle is generally 1 year; Membership advantages

spyware protection for AOL members to download for free is another very useful add-on product. The author found that although its scanning speed is slower than many other spyware removal programs, the program found another 7 spyware examples after the removal of Counterspy and spybot

aol also provides users with some valuable protection, including free technical support for their members

10. It is recommended that the Macintosh or Linux system

spyware mainly attacks the Microsoft operating system, enters through the Internet Explorer vulnerability and hides in the weakness of windows. Some spyware, especially malicious cookies, can work in any browser, but this is only a small part of spyware

some Microsoft software products, such as Internet Explorer, word, outlook and media player, will be automatically executed once downloaded, making it easy for spyware to enter. Linux and Mac operating systems do not allow this automatic execution, making it easier for them to resist spyware. More importantly, Windows allows any user (or spyware) to load the DLL into the kernel, but Linux system access requires corresponding administrator privileges. Although this method is not suitable for most people, apple and Linux will be very welcome if spyware really becomes too painful

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