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The paper industry pays attention to the progress of export tax rate adjustment

summary of the market this week

raw material Market: the international pulp price is unchanged from last week; American waste 11 # rose 7.76% to close at 187.5, while American waste 8 # maintained its original price; Cotton prices continued to rise this week; Plastic products continued to rise, with polyester chip prices rising by 3.31% this week, polyethylene prices rising by 0.57% this week, and other prices remained unchanged. Paper Market: the rise and fall of various paper prices this week were different from those of PGA. Among them, coated paper maintained its original price last week to close at 80.27, and double offset paper fell 0.63% to close at 88.64; The rest of the packaging is to use the filament extruder to turn them into 3D printing filaments. In terms of paper, the gray background white board is stable and closed at 67 mett. The new aluminum has established a full intelligent production line of marine materials, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020 32, white cardboard fell 1.12% to close at 88.10

important data review of this week

papermaking: the Ministry of industry and information technology recently announced the list of elimination of the second batch of backward production capacity in the industrial industry. This list involves 51 papermaking enterprises, with a total eliminated production capacity of 1150300 tons; Pulp: Ilim group announced that in order to better integrate with the market situation, it will launch a new needle leaf pulp production line in Bratsk in December. This project will further reduce the input of raw materials and become the largest single needle leaf pulp line in the world

investment strategies and suggestions

pay attention to the adjustment of export tax rebate rate. Foreign media reported this week that the domestic export tax rebate rate will be adjusted upward. We believe that the increase in the export tax rebate rate has a positive effect on promoting exports and the company's stock price. However, if the increase is made this time, it may not stimulate the company's share price because the policy is not sustainable. Listed companies recommend Yongxin shares, Zhongshun jierou, Hengfeng Paper and Taiyang paper

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