The hottest paper industry method standard II TC14

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Paper industry method standard (II) (Tc1 will hand over a beautiful report card before the end of the year 41)

fiber morphology analysis standard

standard name

paper Analysis of fiber composition of paperboard and pulp

status of standards at home and abroad

gb/t 4688 XXXX ISO 9184- (1 ~ 5) -1990

determination of fiber length of papermaking (polarized light method)

gb/t 10336 XXXX ISO

qualitative analysis of inorganic fillers and inorganic coatings in paper and paperboard (electron microscope/× X-ray spectrometry)

gb/t 2679 TAPPI t421om-1983

qualitative analytical chemical method for inorganic fillers in paper and paperboard and coatings that cannot be imported into our production machine

gb/t 2679 TAPPI t421om-1983

paper, paperboard, pulp fiber composition analysis: Determination of fiber coarseness


paper, paperboard Analysis of pulp fiber composition: the determination of physical factors

conforms to jb/t8521.1 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 1: general purpose synthetic fiber flat sling and JBT 8521.2 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 2: general purpose synthetic fiber round sling mechanical testing related requirements

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