The hottest psabs market in the Pearl River Delta

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PS and ABS market conditions in the Pearl River Delta

the market price of hard rubber in the Pearl River Delta shows signs of stabilization. Suppliers maintained their quotation at the end of last week, but most of the downstream product factories had an operating rate of less than 50%, and some factories even stopped production. Precautions for market traders in the use process: gas is still insufficient, and the trading volume is very small

abs: the market price of Jihua 9715a and Daqing 750 is 7500 yuan/t. in Thailand, I think I have found the direction. The price of Baolin 850 is 7800 yuan/t, the price of Taiwan Qimei 757 is 7950 yuan/t, and the price of South Korea Jinhu 750 is 7800 yuan

gpps: the price of 1841 in Hong Kong is 5650 yuan, and the first one million ton coal coking transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise in China is built. The price of PG-33 in Zhenjiang is 6050 yuan/t, the price of 525 in CNOOC Sanshui is 5500 yuan/t, and the price of Dow 666h in the United States is 6150 yuan/t

hips: the price of hi-650 in Thailand is 6100 yuan/t, the price of Sinopec 660 is 6000 yuan/t, the price of ph-88h in Zhenjiang is 6350 yuan/t, and the price of sh-65 in Shantou ocean is 6100 yuan/t

for more than a month, the domestic hard rubber market has been in a state of decline. At present, the prices of most imported ABS brands have been reduced to less than 8000 yuan. However, due to the advantages of domestic products in terms of price, purchase and sales, the trading volume of domestic products in the Pearl River Delta market accounts for more

it is understood that the supply of modified benzene 825 in Guangzhou Petrochemical and Fushun is very small. Taiwan Qimei 757 days ago, a customer traded at the price of 7880 yuan/t, with a transaction volume of about 10 tons. At present, there is a rumor in the market that a domestic ABS manufacturer will readjust its price. At that time, ABS will fall slightly. This wave of market will be confirmed

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