The hottest Provincial Railway fund raised 27.6 bi

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The first provincial railway fund raised 27.6 billion

Jiangxi Railway Industry Fund recently held a closing and signing activity. This marks the successful raising of xingtie industrial investment fund, China's first provincial railway industry fund with a total scale of 27.6 billion yuan. This is a substantial step taken by Jiangxi in innovating the railway investment and financing system and attracting social funds to invest in the railway. After preliminary 15 After the test of the wire torque tester, it is estimated that the total investment of railway in Jiangxi Province will exceed 100 billion yuan in the next five years, and Jiangxi province needs to invest more than 24 billion yuan in capital

according to the introduction, the fund adheres to the principle of "government led, diversified investment and market-oriented operation" and mainly tests its Zui great experimental power. It will review this experiment in land acquisition and storage development, private placement of listed companies and high growth projects along the railway. It will adopt C language programming and choose carefully. Through diversification, "Wang Yuanbing, general manager of jiayitong company, said that the investment project will obtain reasonable income

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