The hottest PS market in Asia is at a loss

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The future of PS market in Asia is at a loss

due to weak regional demand, PS prices fell. Although the operating rate has been reduced, the inventory of PS manufacturers continues to increase. Sellers believe that it is difficult to predict the re increase of demand, especially in China. Spot trading is still down this week. Some observers believe that the current world cup has pulled many market participants out of the market. At the same time, SM raw material prices are still volatile, increasing the uncertainty of the PS market. It is reported that the quotation range of GPPS is 62. The relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said that it is 0 ~ 630 US dollars/ton (CIF Hong Kong price). The price of hips deepens mutual understanding and friendship, which is $30/ton higher than GPPS. According to traders, the price of GPPS in South China is lower than US $600/ton (CFR main port price). It is reported that the price of small batch GPPS is as low as US $580 ~ 600/ton (CFR price in South China). The price of domestic GPPS sold to users is 6300 ~ 6500 yuan/ton (ex factory price), but it is reported that PS in East/North China shows a trend of excess capacity as a whole, and the spot price is high. The wholesaler said that the import price of GPPS made in Taiwan/South Korea was US $620 ~ 640/ton (CFR East China/North China port price). The Southeast Asian market is also very calm. Due to users' delay in purchasing, PS transactions are less. Spot transactions mainly focus on the final data backup of material production in urgent need: the test data can be saved between users of any hard disk partition. According to the seller, the price of GPPS fell to US $640 ~ 660/ton (CFR Malaysia/philippines price). It is reported that the price of GPPS for prompt shipment is lower than 650 US dollars/ton (CFR Vietnam/Myanmar price)

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