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Baidu Tan Dai: AI and other technologies support blockchain to establish trusted applications

on October 18, the signing ceremony of Hainan Provincial People's Government Baidu strategic cooperation was held in Hainan Ecological Software Park. Baidu, together with Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology and Hainan Ecological Software Park, built Hainan Baidu blockchain laboratory and initiated the establishment of the Hainan free trade zone (Hong Kong) blockchain pilot zone standards committee. At the same time, baidu officially released the super chain system and announced the settlement of dulian company in Hainan. Tan Dai, chief architect of Baidu search and director of blockchain laboratory, and member of the Standards Committee of Hainan free trade zone (Hong Kong) blockchain pilot zone, said that in the era of blockchain 3.0, with the support of artificial intelligence and other technologies, and the combination of business, blockchain can reshape its value and establish truly influential and trusted applications

Internet is good at solving the problem of information transmission and user access, but not good at solving the problem of authenticity and integrity of information. The core of blockchain technology is to build a variety of credible applications in all walks of life without relying on centralized mechanisms for the first time through shared ledgers, key systems, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, etc. Baidu relies on the advantages of artificial intelligence and big data technology accumulated for many years, and the superposition of huge traffic and blockchain technology, which brings more possibilities for the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries and paves the way for the construction of a credible ecosystem of blockchain, to be introduced by Tan

it is reported that the super chain has 100% of the main intellectual property rights of self-5, fine and special chemicals, 80 patents, and has core technological advantages such as super nodes and three-dimensional networks. At present, blockchain technology solutions have always been unable to break through the storage and computing bottleneck of a single machine. Through multi-core parallel computing, super nodes can maximize the use of CPU and break through the system throughput bottleneck. The super node architecture uses distributed technology to break through the hardware limitations of the original blockchain nodes, thus bringing the flexibility of storage and computing capabilities

stereo network technology makes full use of the computing power provided by super node architecture. The three-dimensional network technology consists of three parts: in chain DAG parallel technology, returnable side chain technology and chain management. The intra chain DAG parallel technology can help the single chain performance of the existing blockchain architecture reach less than 100000. The returnable side chain technology can help the single chain performance of blockchain break through the bottleneck of 100000. Parallel chain management technology enables the super chain to manage a large number of parallel chains and realize the elastic expansion of the overall network performance

the super chain can be compatible with the blockchain developer ecosystem. It can not only establish a pluggable consensus mechanism to solve the current energy consumption problem, but also support tens of thousands of concurrency in a single chain, which has greatly improved the performance, capacity and security. The super chain represents (2) the domestic leading level of high-end polyolefins in the current blockchain 3.0 era

it is reported that with the blessing of AI, big data and other Internet technologies, Baidu has promoted Baidu Encyclopedia on the chain, launched Baidu totem, Baidu Huixue, baidu commodity traceability and other blockchain applications

for the establishment of a trusted ecosystem, baidu plans to further promote the technology opening of the entire Baidu super chain in the future through the form of technology opening, which will be provided as an infrastructure for all developers to use. Moreover, we will package the AI capability, big data capability and Baidu search traffic of the whole Baidu, and provide them to DAPP developers to help them develop blockchain applications with real value and large-scale users. Tan Ying uses the new gasket attached to the experimental machine to install it

at the same time, Tan Dai said that Baidu blockchain will take fairness and openness, technology empowerment, and the establishment of ecological alliance as its mission, build an industrial blockchain application ecosystem, and contribute to reducing costs, improving efficiency, optimizing the industrial integrity environment, and value redistribution

Dr. liuxiaolei, director of the blockchain Laboratory of Peking University, pointed out that data is the crude oil of the new era, and blockchain provides an important infrastructure for the confirmation, circulation and use of data. With a large number of users, China has specific inherent advantages in the era of digital economy. How to apply blockchain technology to various truly trusted applications has become an industry problem. These domestic performance indicators play an important role in the analysis and calculation of material mechanics, engineering design, selection of materials and development of new materials. Some leading-edge enterprises enter the blockchain industry with technological innovation, which will help promote the development of the whole industry and strive for leading advantages for China in the era of digital economy. Baidu and other companies actively explore the implementation of blockchain applications, which provides new momentum and opportunities to enhance the strength of national blockchain and empower various industries

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