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Operating procedures and precautions for equipment maintenance of PS version crosshair fixed electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine FX


it can achieve one-time registration after the PS version is on the machine

improve production efficiency and enhance enterprise competitiveness

manual adjustment, pneumatic drilling

it can visually and quantitatively adjust the PS version in all directions

avoid manual adjustment, Reduce labor intensity

a punching machine can be applied to different models of brand printing machines

optional bending device


fx-200 series is applicable to various brands of multi-color printing machines that can adapt to various properties of testing materials, such as Heidelberg, man-roland, Koenig Bauer, Komori, Mitsubishi and Akiyama

model standard hole spacing applicable to printing model fx-200fx-200pb780mm 425mm Heidelberg Speedmaster 102/cd102heidelberg sors/sorszheidelberg Speedmaster 74, Sors/so superior quality rsz Roland MAN Roland 600 700man Roland favorite/100/200 Komori lithrone 40 Komori lithrone 26/32komori sprint/lithrone 26 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Daiya 3mitsubishi Daiya 1 gaobao KBA rapida 104/72 Akiyama Akiyama bestech 40 other hanging nail multicolor printing machine

technical specification table machine size fx-200fx-200pb 1290 x840 x1430 (mm) 1290 X1100 x1430 (mm(for example) Net weight fx-200fx-200pb90kg150kg power supply 220V, 50Hz power 1.5kw

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