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Precautions for importing PSD files into illustrator

this article introduces the introduction of adobephotoshop6.0 Some considerations for putting PSD files into adobeiillustrator9 (9.02)

1. Only RGB and CMYK are supported (although grayscale mode can also work)

2. Photoshop advanced color setting is not supported,

opmark will define the output size of PSD file,

4 After the bitmap is placed, the optical fiber cable, metal foil, fiber thread and plastic film that are difficult to measure in the conventional extensometer will not be automatically aligned to the pixel. If necessary, select View snaptopixel, and then drive and move the image

5 Supports clipping paths, and becomes adobeillustrator9 layer mask

6 Photoshop6 layer mask is supported, which becomes the transparency mask setting

7. The field value mode will be merged. Other mixing modes in adobeillustrator9 will be retained and the transparency setting

8 will be maintained The fade effect of the speckled mode does not return and cannot be displayed normally. After rendering and merging, enter (flatten)

ockouteffect to merge. (pre flattening required)

otoshop6 layer advanced blending mode will be flattened (pre flattening required)

11 Clipping groups are not supported. Layer groups will be merged, including their abnormal blending modes (pre flattening required)

12 Photoshop6 adjustment layer is not supported (pre flattening is required)

13 In layer advanced blending mode, turn off more than one channel (pre flattening is required)

obeillustrator9. The output text will change a little in photoshop5. (generally speaking, the change distance is about the straight-line length from the original position to the upper left corner)

15 When outputting PSD, you can maintain the transparency setting, including mixing mode (in fact, this is the only way to output transparency to other programs)

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