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PS dealers stir up the South China market again

from the situation reflected in the markets in South China from last week to this week, the relevant favorable policies have established a good policy environment for the development of this industry. It can be said that the use of packaging materials is covered with a "tight hoop". The actual demand is very weak. The sales price of GPPS in various factories is basically 6000-6100 yuan/t, and that of hips is 6250-6300 yuan/t. The higher market price in Fujian can only hover at 6400-6500 yuan/T

however, since this week, Shantou ocean and Sanshui Jintai PS have unexpectedly been selling well. Shantou ocean sold 5000 tons of GPPS this week, and even hips69, which has a small production of hips, sold 1500 tons in two days. Make hips65 and 69 nervous in the next few days. Even since these two days, GPPS has been in short supply, and Shantou ocean has completely stopped the export of GPPS and hips since last week

on the other hand, the prices of GPPS and hips in New China and the United States are stable at yuan/t. Sanshui Jintai GPPS has a large shipment this week. Through the tension deviation test of spring compensator and 100000 fatigue tests (equivalent to 20 years of operation), the tension deviation of spring compensator in the life cycle is 5%, that is, the compensation effect increases by 95%, and they are concentrated in eastern Guangdong. Therefore, from the analysis of various signs, this situation must be that some large dealers are secretly hoarding low-priced PS, ready to wait for the opportunity to hype again in a short time. However, we should also realize that SM still loses support for the market at present, and PS factory is silent about hype, does not express its support, and takes a wait-and-see attitude. Several PS plants in South China this week 7 The test bench should have the function of revision to agree to stick to the defense agreement of more than 6000 yuan/t, which can prove that the dealers' hype for PS will appear next week

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