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The provincial high-tech industrial park of functional new materials in Lanxi, Zhejiang Province was officially unveiled.

on the morning of August 17, Lanxi City held the unveiling ceremony and the promotion meeting of the establishment of the provincial high-tech industrial park of functional new materials

Lanxi officially launched the establishment of functional new materials provincial high-tech industrial park in 2018. In November 2019, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of science and technology jointly approved the establishment of Lanxi high tech Zone. Since its establishment, the total number of high-tech enterprises in the city has reached 109, 296 provincial plastic modified asphalt waterproof coiled material GB 18243 ⑵ 000 scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, 23 provincial enterprise R & D centers, 6 provincial enterprise research institutes, Lanxi science and technology entrepreneurship Park has been selected into the provincial incubator, Guangmo town has been selected into the fourth batch of provincial characteristic towns, and the provincial cotton textile industry innovation service complex is also being created

in the next step, the high-tech zone will do a good job in setting up, ensuring, and improving the foundation for the stable growth of Jiaozuo City and maintaining the situation. Three articles will focus on the leading industry, attract upstream and downstream projects in the industrial chain around the optical film, semiconductor compounds, new energy key auto parts and other industries, form distinctive features, and accelerate the building of the world's largest high-purity and high-quality aluminum base and aluminum electronic new material industrial base; Promote Xinjiang to build a block economy with internationally competitive advanced equipment manufacturing base and major technology and equipment strategic base, and cultivate industrial clusters with an industrial scale of 10 billion

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