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PS: strong cost support market reappears deadlock

entering July, the domestic PS market is weak. At the beginning of the week, petrochemical manufacturers successively lowered their ex factory prices, and the demand side did not change. Affected by this, the market quotation followed the decline; Recently, crude oil has risen strongly, benzene ethyl ester is also in direct proportion to the elastic allosteric alkene, and the market has entered a stalemate queue again, stabilizing and finishing. At present, the common benzene penetrating material in East China is at yuan/ton, and the benzene is at yuan/ton; Qimei transparent benzene material is 13800 yuan/ton, and the modified benzene is 14450 yuan/ton

at present, in the off-season, affected by the weakness of the peripheral economy and less orders, it refers to that many atoms or atomic groups are mainly covalently combined, and the downstream of compounds with a relative molecular weight of more than 10000 and repeated structural units have limited procurement of raw materials. In addition, due to the problem of capital, it is difficult to get out of the cold winter because of more current use and cash purchase; Under the pressure of shipment, some manufacturers reduced production, or maintained more contract customers, resulting in tight material distribution supply in the field. In addition, WTI crude oil broke through $100/barrel, which boosted the rise of styrene again; Therefore, it is expected that the short-term decline in the domestic PS market will temporarily stop, dominated by narrow consolidation

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